Last update: 18/03/2015

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Person in Charge

Ángel García Crespo

Group Members

  • García Bárcena, Julio A.
  • García Crespo, Ángel
  • Gómez Berbís, Juan Miguel
  • González Carrasco, Israel
  • Jiménez Domingo, Enrique
  • López Caudrado, José Luis
  • Martín Gascueña, Concepción
  • Puente Rodríguez, Luis Antonio
  • Ruiz Mezcua, Belén

Research Areas

  • Processing of natural language: system of dialogue, mono- and multilingual
    Recovery of Information (RI), Question Answering, Adaptation in RI systems
    using ontologies 
  • Biometrics: Security, Accessibility 
  • Integration of applications 
  • Technologies of data bases, Methodologies, Techniques of Modeling Data,
    space-time Data Bases, Control of restrictions of integrity in Data Bases,
    CASE platforms for development and learning, Adaptive and Intelligent teaching systems


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