The TREC conference series is sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) with additional support from other U.S. government agencies. The goal of the conference series is to encourage research in information retrieval by providing a large test collection, uniform scoring procedures, and a forum for organizations interested in comparing their results.

GPM has participated in TRECVID since 2008 in cooperation with G2PI (also from Dept. of Signal Theory & Communications, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid). In particular, the team formed by both research groups is currently involved in the semantic indexing task, which has the following goal: Given the test collection, master shot reference, and feature definitions, return for each feature a list of at most 2000 shot IDs from the test collection ranked according to the possibility of detecting the feature. In 2010, the number of features in the list is 130, containing objects (car, airplane, building, etc.), situations (demonstration or protest, entertainment, sport, etc.) and simple events (dancing, singing, walking, etc.)


  • GPM, Dept. of Signal Theory & Communications , University Carlos III de Madrid.
  • G2PI, Dept. of Signal Theory & Communications, University Carlos III de Madrid

Related Publications

  • González-Díaz, D. García-García, R. Solera-Ureña, J. Madrid-Sánchez, V. Gómez-Verdejo, M. Martínez-Ramón, F. Díaz-de-María, and J. Arenas-García, UC3M HIGH LEVEL FEATURE EXTRACTION AT TRECVID 2008Proc. TRECVID Workshop 2008, Gaithersburg, USA, Nov. 2008.
  • González-Díaz, V. Gómez-Verdejo, M. Martínez-Ramón, F. Díaz-de-María, and J. Arenas-García, UC3M AT TRECVID 2009, Proc. TRECVID Workshop 2009, Gaithersburg, USA, Nov. 2009.
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