AFICUS Project aims to provide a platform that allows the users to create and share multimedia content. The research work of the multimedia processing group (MPG) focuses on automatic indexing and enrichment of multimedia user-generated content (UGC). In particular, the ongoing work of the MPG addresses:

  1. Time segmentation of user generated video: given the specific characteristics of UGC, the camera movement is used as a clue to determine the more relevant segments, which will likely correspond to semantic units.
  2. Automatic annotation of multimedia content: with the aim of automatically generating labels for visual content, a hybrid content- and context-based annotation method is proposed that makes use of user-generated annotations, available in public databases such as those in Flickr or Picasa.

Click here to access a demo of our annotation technology.


  • GPM, Dept. of Signal Theory & Communications , University Carlos III de Madrid.
  • Telefónica I+D
  • Solaiemes
  • Amaris
  • ComoLAB
  • Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
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