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Last update: 23/02/2012

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 Members of the Multimedia Processing Group

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Research lines

Welcome to the Multimedia Processing Group (GPM) website. We are part of the Signal Theory and Communications Department of the University Carlos III Madrid.

Información de contacto:

Prof. Fernando Díaz-de-María

Despacho 4.2D07, Edificio Torres Quevedo.

Avda. Universidad, 30, 28911 Leganés (Madrid)

e-mail: fdiaz at

Tn: +34 91 624 9170

Fax: +34 91 624 8749


Are you looking forward to working with us?

Our research interests are on speech, audio, image and video processing, specially on automatic content extraction, speech recognition and last generation video coding. We have applied these methods in a variety of research projects like embedded vocal interfaces, speech transcription for hearing-impaired caption generation, automatic image and video annotation or HDTV video coding. Our main areas of research comprise:

  • Classification, analysis and indexing of images and video
  • Object tracking in images and video
  • Speech technologies
  • Multimedia applications of machine learning
  • Video coding H.264/AVC, HVC, 3D, SVC and Perceptual Video Coding

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List of publications

Browse the list of publications of the members of GPM by author, year or category.

E-Archivo, Institutional Repository of University Carlos III Madrid

You can also find full-text versions of many of our papers in the Institutional Open Repository of the University.

R&D Projects

The Multimedia Processing Group has a significant experience in R&D projects. Click below for an outline of the most relevant:

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