Last update: 27/09/2013

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The Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M) team carries out systematic analysis about trends in the treatment of the information in the Spanish media. It analyses both the trends of the contents and the organizational structures of the journalist editorial offices, the treatment of the information, the configuration of the media agendas (in this case, the agendas are looked at mainly in relation to, and jointly with, the public, civil and political sphere), access to sources, etc. All of this, without prejudice to other complementing areas of research such as new genres and styles, formats, designs, profile of the journalist, and finally the education of digital journalism.

The main task of the research team, which tackles mostly the Spanish media, will focus on the emergence of new ways of communication and the treatment of the journalistic contents that are transmitted through the Net. The team will monitor and carry out a systematic analysis of the situation and evolution of the digital media, the functions and training of the new journalists, as well as the new languages and codes of communication in the journalistic online contents, while at the same time gathering the information and knowledge of the experts in this area.

The team aims to conclude how this profession works, both in the traditional and internet media. It analyses the method and searches for information, decision-taking processes, issues dealt with, the initiative of the journalistic coverage, the valuation of the news, the journalistic genres used (this chapter will be completed with the analysis of the changes that the internet introduces in the area of the genres), information sources, etc. It will also address the changes that the internet culture has introduced in providing visibility of women, the key actors in the news?

The successive reports will provide the general state of affairs of the contents still called journalistic, as well as the new professional profiles, in the current digital scenario.