E-SAVE project

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E-SAVE Project

 Our project consists in the modeling, design and implementation of a multi-layer security architecture applied to ad hoc vehicular networks (VANETs). The main objective of our proposal is to offer public authorities, the possibility to apply information technologies to ensure and satisfy critical goals in areas such as road safety, auto-regulated traffic control and identification and prosecution of road offenders. The functionality of the proposed architecture is divided in three different blocks called Operational Bases:

Operational Base-I: The system will securely provide information to drivers about the actual current state of the traffic.

Operational Base-II: It will serve to generate vehicular forensic digital evidences.

Operational Base-III: It will represent a real-time system for the management of electronic penalty tickets.

This project aims to give solution to two main outstanding issues regarding existing VANETs:

(1) The insecurity of the information generated and transmitted in this type of networks, and

(2) The total absence of any government procedures to process and respond to this information.

To assist us in the development of the technical aspects of this project we have identified the following main areas of research: ad hoc P2P networks, cryptography and computer forensics.
Our approach is novel as for the first time a vehicular architecture will globally embrace specific areas of functionality (Bases I, II and III), at the same as all security aspects are taken care of from the initial state of the project, thus ensuring information and communications security throughout the model.