Radiofrequency, Electromagnetics, Microwaves and Antennas Group (GREMA)

Last update: 18/03/2015

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Person in Charge

Daniel Segovia Vargas and Magdalena Salazar

Group Members

  • Albarracín Vargas, Luis Fernando
  • Andrés García, Belén
  • Aznar Ballesta, Francisco
  • Barrio Garrido, Rosa María
  • Castro Galán, David
  • García Castillo, Luis Emilio
  • García Doñoro, Daniel
  • García Lampérez, Alejandro
  • García Muñoz, Luis Enrique
  • García Pérez, Óscar
  • Gil Barba, Marta
  • Gómez Revuelto, Ignacio
  • González Posadas, Vicente
  • Herráiz Martínez, Francisco Javier
  • Llorente Romano, Sergio
  • Martínez Fernández, Ignacio
  • Méndez Aller, Mario
  • Montero De Paz, Javier
  • Salazar Palma, Magdalena
  • Segovia Vargas, Daniel
  • Ugarte Muñoz, Eduardo

Research Areas

  • Antenna arrays 
  • Stacked and self-diplexed radiators 
  • New technology in antenna construction: Electronic Band Gap Materials (EBGs), Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS) and Meta-materials. 
  • Antenna feedback 
  • Adaptive or intelligent antennas 
  • High performance broadband active antennas 
  • Numerical methods and signal processing techniques aimed at developing passive and radiant electromagnetic structures 
  • Advanced methods of synthesis for filter and multiplex design for satellite communication 
  • Microwave simulation, design, and construction, and microwave circuit and subsystem measurement in hybrid, monolithic and wave guide technologies 
  • History of telecommunications


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