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Publications of the institute are grouped by two main subjects:


1.1 Asymptotic analysis 1.2 Qualitative behavior in partial differential equations 1.3 Qualitative behavior in ordinary differential equations 1.4 Qualitative behavior in discrete equations 1.5 Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computation 1.6 Mathematical Physics


2.1 Nonlinear phenomena in microelectronic semiconductor devices 2.2 Nonlinear charge transport in nanostructures 2.3 Combustion 2.4 Dynamics of glassy systems 2.5 Synchronization of oscillator populations 2.6 Imaging and biomedical applications 2.7 Nucleation and crystal growth 2.8 Granular flow 2.9 Modelling of materials with strongly correlated electrons 2.10 Discrete elasticity 2.11 Computational Fluid Mechanics 2.12 Sustainable combustion 2.13 Jets and wakes 2.14 Biomedical fluid dynamics 2.15 Multiphase flows 2.16 Semiconductor nanostructures

Through the links above you have access to the list of publications corresponding to last year 2014.



At the following links lists of publications since 1991 to 2013, are available :