Institute of Entrepeneurship and Family Business

Research fields

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In Business Initiatives field

In Family Business field

  • Innovation y business focus.
  • SMEs financing.
  • The corporative businessman role.
  • Relation between businessman features and his strategic behaviour.
  • Leadership in the innovation process.
  • The role of the institutions and the promotion of the business activity.
  • Competitive dynamics.
  • Explanations of the development of business activity.
  • Valuation of intangible assets.
  • The roles of training and science and technology system in the appearance and development of terminal competences.
  • Organizational structures of family business.
  • Growth and development of family  business.
  • The distribution of directive responsabilities in family business.
  • Use of new technologies in family business.
  • Family business and business strategy.
  • Taxes in family business.
  • History of family business.
  • Institutional factors that have influence in appearance of family business.
  • Corporative government of family business.
  • Family and business initiative.
  • Development of teoric frameworks in order to analyze family business.