Institute of Entrepeneurship and Family Business

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Última actualización: 21/06/2016

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THE INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS INITIATIVES AND FAMILY BUSINESS "CONDE DE CAMPOMANES" is dedicated to the development of advanced studies in the fields of business formation and family businesses. Its princiapl objective is to become a centre of reference for those within the field, whether in the area of scientific production or more focused on transfers ot the divulgence and transmission of knowledge. 


  • The development of quality scientific information, creating an impact on the areas of business initiatives and family companies.
  • Provide training and specialist advice about business formation and other refined matters. The insitute offers two offcial masters and one proffesional master which provides essential tools for students in matters related to entrepreneurship.
  • The transmission and divulgence of scientific research through seminars, practical work and workshops etc.
  • The encouragement of an entrepreneurial mind frame and creation of quality business initiatives using training activities to aid the transmission, exchange and broadening of knowledge.
  • Contribution to public and private initiatives of business support through training activities, offering specialised advice to individuals, companies and both public and private insitutions.
  • Internationalisation. The insitute aims to contribute actively to the international projection of UC3M, establishing collaborative links with other international universities and research centres.


The insitut hopes to serve as a common and multi-disciplined platform, combining knowledge about business management with commercial and tribunal law, not forgetting the central role played by information technology and communication in the development of new business projects.

The research fellows are highly qualified in their areas, creating a first level competitive advantage, as much in the basis of the research as with the execution and cooperation.


The creation and encouragement of this platform not only aims to improve the researches into the creation of businesses and family firms, but also serves as a forum for discussion, allowing practical inputs through carrying tasks for consultancy and specialised training. The institution will cover three main areas: the systematic study of family firms and business initiatives; consultancy for issues in relation to the aforementioned, as well as specific training for those in charge of both new business projects and family businesses.