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Jordi Domènech Feliu

Última actualización: 30/05/2021

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  • "Editor's note: European solidarity." Perspectives on Europe, Council for European Studies (Columbia University), volume 46, Spring 2016.
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Jordi Domènech Feliu is visiting professor at the Social Sciences Department of the Carlos III University of Madrid since 2009. Previously, he was full-time professor at London School of Economics, where he got his PhD, and at York University. His main research interests are economic history of social conflicts, the determinants of institutional change and historical organization of labor markets. He has published articles on Economic History Review, Explorations in Economic History and Economic History Review-Journal of Iberian and Latin American Economic History.


Featured publications

Domenech, J., 'Rural labour markets and rural conflict in Spain before the Civil War (1931-1936)', Economic History Review, 66, 1 (2013), pp. 86-108.

  •  (forthcoming) 'Legal origin, ideology, coalition formation or crisis? The emergence of labor law in a civil law country: Spain, 1850-1936', Labor History. Volumen 52, Número 1 (2011), pp. 71-94



  •   'Natural resource abundance and regional economic growth in Spain, 1860-2000.' Journal of International Development, December 2008, pp. 1122-1135. [SLIDES]
  • 'Women’s paid work in a developing urban economy. Barcelona in 1930.' Revista de Historia Economica/ Journal of Iberian and Latin American History, Diciembre 2008, pp. 375-402. Con Alexander Elu Teran (EUI, Firenze).


  • Domenech, J., (con Joan Ramon Roses), 'Technology transfer and the early development of the cotton textile industry in nineteenth century Spain'. In Hashino, Tomoko and Keijiro Otsuka (eds.), Industrial districts in History and the Developing World, pp. 25-42. Studies in Economic History. Springer, 2016.
  •  (With Francisco Herreros), "Pre-war grievances and violence against civilians. Evidence from the Spanish Civil War in Catalonia."International Journal of Conflict and Violence.Forthcoming.
  • (With Francisco Herreros), "Land reform and conflict before Civil War. Landowner response to tenancy reform in 1930s Catalonia." Economic History Review. Forthcoming. DOI: 10.1111/ehr.12614
  • (With Francisco Herreros), "Land reform and peasant revolution: evidence from 1930s Spain." Explorations in Economic History, 64, 3 (April 2017), pp. 82-103.
  • "Editor's note: European solidarity." Perspectives on Europe, Council for European Studies (Columbia University), volume 46, Spring 2016.
  • "Land tenure inequality, harvests, and rural conflict. Evidence from Southern Spain during the Second Republic (1931-1934)." Social Science History, 39, 2 (Summer 2015), pp. 253-286.

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