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Eva Fernández García

Última actualización: 28/01/2018

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Eva Fernández is a doctor in Economic History from Carlos III University and Visiting Professor at the Social Sciences department of the Carlos III University of Madrid since september 2010. Se is working, and also has published about, productivity of agriculture in regional perspective in Spain and in the advanced countries in the Twentieth Century, agricultural cooperatives and institutions in Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand in Period 1870 - 1930, Agricultural Policy and its determinants in developed countries during the twentieth century, and especially the effect of the political and electoral systems in these policies, and, Markets and Institutions in the wine sector in Spain and France the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. She participates or has participated in national and international research projects about Economic History of agriculture in Spain and Europe in comparative perspective in the XIX and XX centuries. Her work has been published on featured national and international journals about Economic History, as Business History, Historia Agraria, Revista de Historia Económica and Economic History Review.

Last Publications

(with James Simpson) “Product quality or market regulation? Explaining the slow growth of Europe’s wine cooperatives, 1880-1980”, Economic History Review, 2017, 70 (1), 122-142

Politics, coalitions and support of farmers, 1920-1975”, European Review of Economic History, 2016, 20(1), 102-122.

  • 'Trust, religion, and cooperation in western agriculture, 1880–1930'. The Economic History Review, 2014, 67: 678–698.


  • 'Unsuccessful Responses to Quality Uncertainty: Brands in Spain’s Sherry Industry, 1920-1990.' Business History, 2010, 52 (1): 74–93


  • 'Las políticas redistributivas de la España no democrática: del objetivo industrializador al sostenimiento de los ingresos de los agricultores, 1950-1975.' Investigaciones de Historia Económica, 2008, 12 (Otoño), pp. 11-42.


  • 'El fracaso del lobby viticultor en España frente al objetivo industrializador del estado, 1920-1936.' Historia Agraria, 2008, 45, pp. 113-141.


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