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Dacil Juif

Última actualización: 10/07/2018

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Dacil Juif obtained my PhD in Economic History at Eberhard-Karls University of Tübingen in 2014. Her thesis dealt with the determinants of long-run human capital formation in the Iberian world. From 2014 to 2017 she was a post-doc researcher within the VIDI-Project: 'Is Poverty Destiny? Exploring Long Term Changes in African Living Standards in Global Perspective', at Wageningen University. Since 2017 she is Assistant Professor (profesora visitante) at Carlos III University of Madrid. Her research focusses on the Economic History of Southern and Central Africa, with a special focus on the welfare of mining workers and on labour migration. Her research interests include the effect of mining activities on the wellbeing of the population, the development of tax capacity in former colonies, and long-run human capital formation.

Featured publications


  • Juif, Dácil (2015). 'Skill Selectivity in Transatlantic Migration: The Case of Canary Islanders in Cuba'. Journal of Iberian and Latin American Economic History, 33: 189-222.



Other publications


  • Juif, Dácil (2014). Determinants of Long-Run Human Capital Formation in the Iberian World. University of Tübingen Dissertation.
  • Juif, Dácil (2018). 'Paternalism, profitmaking and African agency: Mining and the spread of education in the Belgian Congo'. In: Diebolt et al. (eds.). Cliometrics and the Family: Global Patterns and Their Impact on Diverging Development. Studies in Economic History Series, forthcoming.
  • Baten, Jörg, Dácil Juif, and Christina Mumme (2012). 'Aberto e desigual: a globalização aumentou o intervalo educacional entre ricos e pobres?'. In: Tarcísio Botelho and Marco H.D. van Leeuwen (orgs.). Conference Volume Desigualdades sociais e econômicas na História, Belo Horizonte. Veredas & Cenários, pp. 139-162.



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