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Alfonso Herranz

Última actualización: 10/07/2018

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Alfonso Herranz is Associate Professor at the Economic History Department of the University of Barcelona. His main fields of research include History of Transport and Infrastructure, History of Public Policies, Market Integration and Long-Run Economic Growth.

He is the Director of the UB Economics and Economic History Research Centre “Antoni de Capmany”. He is also a researcher at the Barcelona Economic Analysis Team Research Institute (BEAT), and a research fellow of the Institutions and Political Economy Research Group (UB) and the Institute “Laureano Figuerola” of Economic History and Institutions (University Carlos III of Madrid).

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  • 'Big Push or Big Grab? Railways, Government Activism and Export Growth in Latin America, 1865-1913'. Economic History Review, 68 (4) (2015), pp. 1277-1305 (with Vincent Bignon and Rui Esteves).


  • 'Transport Technology and Economic Expansion: The Growth Contribution of Railways In Latin America Before 1914'. Revista de Historia Económica-Journal of Iberian and Latin American Economic History, 32 (2014), 1, pp. 13-45.



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