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Other IPOLGOB Programs


Within the framework of the Gambling’s Policies Program, IPOLGOB is aimed to develop a line of teaching and research activities. The objective is to promote studies and seminars in this field and to collaborate with public institutions with the purpose of establishing, improving and evaluating gambling public policies.

The CELEJ (Centro de Estudios de Políticas y Legislación de Juego) (Gambling Policies and Regulation Studies Centre) is integrated into the activities of the Institute as an institutionalized workgroup. It has an important background and international standing in the study and regulation of gambling policies and legislation.

The Universidad Carlos III and the Fundación CODERE (CODERE Foundation) have entered into a collaboration agreement to encourage the studies about gambling from a social, political and economic perspective. The aims of that Agreement are the following:  

  • To encourage the cooperation and exchange of knowledge between the University and the gambling professional’s worlds.
  • To contribute to the training of gambling professionals and public managers.
  • To foster the University research in gambling’s policies and to place concept within the framework of constitutional principles and values.
  • To constitute an interdisciplinary forum of analysis and reflection about the problems regarding the elaboration and implementation of gambling’s policies. The idea in this point is to reach a combination of academic, professional and directive management approaches.

The program is under the direction of Professor Francisco Vanaclocha Bellver and under the coordination of Professor José Ignacio Cases Méndez. It has also an Advisory Committee formed by José Manuel Garrido (Artibus Chief Executive) and José Ramón Romero and Carlos Lalanda (founders of the Law firm Loyra Abogados).