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The Institute

The Institute of Historiography "Julio Caro Baroja" is a research centre of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Founded in 2002, and approved by the Social Council in 2003, the Institute of Historiography Julio Caro Baroja (IHJCB) supports research on historiography, history and culture of Spain, Europe and other parts of the world, and provides a forum for collaboration and the on-going exchange of ideas. It seeks to stimulate scholarly engagement in history and historiography studies, both at Universidad Carlos III and beyond, and to increase academic and public awareness and understanding of this field of study.

To pursue its main goal, to be a reference centre for historiography in Spain, IHJCB has the following lines of interest:

  • as a research centre IHJCB co-finance projects with external foundation. It hosts Visiting Scholars from all over the world.
  • as an academic centre IHJCB invites PhD students and young scholars interested in the field of Historiography to visit and stay, and encourages them to organize seminars and conferences on different historiographical issues
  • as a centre for historical debate IHJCB favours the encounters of scholars interested in Historiography, and encourages proposals and initiatives that inspire and promote discussions on new trends and new directions in the field of Historiography

To facilitate the studies on Historiography and to spread the work of the members and other researchers on the field the Institute has promoted the following:

  • a library specialised in Historiography, with a collection integrated into the University’s Humanities library
  • a journal, Revista de Historiografía, that publishes the papers presented at conferences and scientific meetings of the Institute, as well as essays of scholars in the field, and collections of articles edited by one researcher
  • a series of monographs, published as Anejos de la Revista de Historiografía, that welcomes studies on Historiography in the wider sense of the word.
  • a periodical seminar with activities advertised in the web page of the Institute
  • conferences, seminars and meetings supported by the Institute or by scholars that offer an interesting project to the Institute.