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About the Institute

Última actualización: 27/09/2013

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List of Members

Click here to find a list including every member of the Agustín Millares Institute. You can access the individual profiles for curriculum and contact information.

Institute Staff

Do you want to contact us on specific lines of inquiry? In this section you will find a list of our Institute's current staff.

 Who was Agustín Millares?


Wikipedia Article About Agustín Millares

The naming of Institutes of the Carlos III is traditionally honoring practitioners or scholars who make contributions to the specific research field. This Wikipedia Article (in Spanish) provides some info on the man after whom our Institute was named.

 Photo Gallery


Photo Gallery

Do you want to get a more visual idea of the Institute and it's activities? Feel free to explore our Photo Gallery.

                        Address:    Instituto Agustín Millares                                                Contact: Telephone: (+34) 91 624 - 8473
                                            C/ Madrid nº 133                                                                                             FAX: (+34) 91 624 - 8589
                                            28903 Getafe - Spain                                                                          E-Mail: millares-gestion@uc3m.es
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