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Welcome to the Agustín Millares Institute Web

The Agustín Millares Institute for Documentation and Information Management is a center for study, distance education and research which aims at introducing the humanitarian spirit that inspires the University Carlos III’s most basic principles into the discourse about Information and Communication Technologies.

Our Institute aspires to be a multi-faceted centre for scientific research, cogitation, academic debate and the diffusion of ideas and knowledge on today’s information society and on the rapid changes brought with by the new technologies that impact a broad range of cultural and societal structures, ranging from economy over academics and education to social life.

You are welcome to explore our program, which you can find in the sections of the lef-hand menu.


                        Address:    Instituto Agustín Millares                                                Contact: Telephone: (+34) 91 624 - 8473
                                            C/ Madrid nº 133                                                                                             FAX: (+34) 91 624 - 8589
                                            28903 Getafe - Spain                                                                          E-Mail: millares-gestion@uc3m.es
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