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Interest links


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Publications in spanish language about plastics and rubbers. Abbreviations and links.
Web page of Case Western University. Very didactic with virtual labs and books.
Very didactic. It contents a virtual book with information about many types of polymers.
Web page with links to polymer related topics including nomenclature.
Virtual text about polymers.
Virtual text about polymers and fybers.
Interactive text of Cornell University for materials science teaching.
Web page about nylon history, chemistry, properties, etc.
Class notes ofl Prof. Rennie, Cambridge University about polymer physics.
Interactive class notes of Prof. Stoffer and col., Missouri-Rolla University.
Notes about extrusion of  Porf. Bridge, Connecticut University.*.*
Interactive class notes about morphology, analyses, physics and characterization of polymers. Prof. Beaucage, Cincinnati University.
Interactive class notes about polymers. Illinois University. Urbana/Champaign.
Table with polymer properties and additives.
Chapter about conductive polymers. Prof. Winokur, Wisconsin University.
Web page about materials taxonomy. L.L.Bucciarelli y M.I. Syed del MIT.
Elastomers thermodynamics. Prof. K.R. Williams, Florida University.


Physics and Chemistryl experiments (instructions included).
Information about chemical elements.
Some interactive chemistry experiments
Physics and Chemistry experiments with instructions. Some of them are unknown and very original.
Studies about Engeeniering and Chemical Technology.
Chemistry teaching resources.
Chemistry teaching resources.
Documents about chemistry.
Chemistry exercises.
Virtual text on chemistry about different topics.
Pages, indexes and links to chemistry world.
About IUPAC nomenclature.
Instruction program on Chemistry by The NSF.
Software about chemistry.