Bussiness Services

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The research group is Powder Technology Laboratorio de Apoyo Científico-Tecnológico a la Empresa (L.A.C.T.E.), which was created with the intention of assisting companies using metal, ceramic or polymer materials .

This laboratory is attached to the Laboratory Network of the Community of Madrid.


Among our main clients and partners are national and international companies :

  • Cofrisa,Tecresa, MIBA Sintermetal, Stadler, Valeo embragues, CESA, Metasint/Fersint, Tratamientos Térmicos Carreras, Höganäs, AMES, CASA, IberEspacio, ENDESA, MIM TECH ALFA.

Also highlight the performance of work in collaboration with universities and centers I+D+i:

  • Universidade degli Studi di Trento, ITS SASA (Institute of Technical Sciences of the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts, Belgrado, Serbia&Montenegro),  University of Chalmers, Politecnico di Torino, KU Leuven, KU Wien, Politécnico de Grenoble, TU Dresden, TU Aachen, CEIT (San Sebastián), Institute of Materials Science of Slovack Academy of Sciences, IFAM Bremen.