Powder Technology Research Group

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The Powder Technology Group -GTP- was created in 1996 and is part of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and Chemical Engineering at the Higher Polytechnic School of the Carlos III University of Madrid.

GTP currently consists of a highly-qualified multidisciplinary team working to develop solutions in the area of Powder Technology (powder metallurgy).

We have a range of experience and offer integrated R+D +i services, consulting, technical assistance and customized training services. We also develop R+D projects with a national and international scope.

We are part of the ESTRUMAT consortium (Madrid Advanced Structural Materials Research Group).

Furthermore, we actively participate and are widely recognised in key, prestigious international forums for companies working in or related to this sector. We collaborate with the European Powder Metallurgy Association -EPMA and their American counterparts- MPIF–Metal Powder Industrial Federation, APMI–American Powder Metallurgy Institute y ASM–A Society for Materials.


José Manuel Torralba Castelló

E-mail: josemanuel.torralba@uc3m.es                  Tel.: +34 91 624 99 63

Elena Gordo Odériz

E-mail: elena.gordo@uc3m.es                              Tel.: +34 91 624 88 62


Opened call 2012 of post-doctoral stays offered by Carlos III University. Should you are interested in this stays and you want to be a member of our research group contact us. Further information:

XII Materials Conference 

April 27th held at the Aula de Grados in the Edificio Padre Soler, XII Materials Conference entitled "Materials and Energy". This event was supported by the Technological Institute of Chemistry and Materials "Álvaro Alonso Barba".

  • Materials and Society. Milestones in Materials Science and Engineering

On May 23th of October of 2009 (19:00 h) Jose Manuel Torralba will impart the conference Materials and Society. Milestones in Materials Science and Engineering in the Assembly Room of the Spanish Engineering Institute (C/ General Arrando, 38 – MADRID). Entrance free.

Further information at: www.iies.es

  • Mater in progress

The exhibition "Mater in progress. New materials, new industry" was opened up in Madrid, Arquería of Nuevos Ministerios hall, last 7th of october. The exhibition is an iniciative of Mater, FAD materials center, and show the importance of the innovation in the materials field and the conection with several economical activities: biotechnology, pharmacy and agrofood technology, energy,  building industry, transport and textile indutry. It is open till 15th of november.

Further information at:http://fadweb.org/premsamater/

  • Nuclear energy: problem or solution?

On October 29 2009 in the Assembly Room of the Gómez Pardo Fundation (C/ Alenza, 1 - MADRID) there will be a meeting about nuclear energy.

Further information at: http://www.upm.es/eventos/debatedivulgacion

  • XI Materials Conference 
    May 9th held at the Aula de Grados in the Edificio Padre Soler, XI Materials Conference entitled "Materials, our core activity as engineers". This event was supported by the Technological Institute of Chemistry and Materials "Álvaro Alonso Barba".