Sophia Alexandra Tsipas

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PhD Materials Science
Assistant Professor 

Phone: +34 91624 9914

Visitors: Escuela Politécnica Superior - Edificio Agustín de Betancourt. Office: 1.1.H.12



Dr. S.A. Tsipas, received her MEng degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Imperial College (London, UK) in 2000 and completed her PhD in 2005 at the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy in the University of Cambridge, UK. Since 2008 is an assistant professor in the Dpt. of Materials Science and Engineering in the UC3M. Dr. Sophia Tsipas has significant research experience on surface engineering and development of coatings for improving the surface properties of materials. Her research work includes the development of coatings containing, Al, Mn, B and Si by pack cementation, CVD fluidized bed and slurry coatings, as well as development of novel ceramic thermal barrier coatings deposited by plasma spraying on nickel-based superalloys. She has also been involved in research on the production of Ti and Ti alloys by powder metallurgy and the fabrication of cermets for cutting and forming applications. Dr. Sofia Tsipas in addition has research experience in both the fabrication (including 2 patents) and surface engineering of foam materials. Finally, Dr. Tsipas has extensive experience in the use of thermodynamic & kinetic modelling tools Thermocalc and Dictra for optimization of materials, coatings and processes.