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Phone: 91 624 86 10

Office: 17.2.65


Professor of Media and Publicity, School of Humanities, Communication and Documentation

Manuel Palacio is a Professor of Media and Publicity in the Department of Journalism and Media at Carlos III University of Madrid. He got his BA in Law and Information at University Complutense (1979), where he worked as a Lecturer too.

His teaching is focused on TV programming, theories of audiovisual representations and the history of media in Spain. His research lines include the processes of representation in cinema and television, as well as memory and audiovisual history.

He is the author of eight books and more than one hundred collaborations in edited books and reserach journals. Some of his works are Práctica fílmica y vanguardia artística en España/The Avant-Garde film in Spain (with Eugeni Bonet, 1983), La imagen sublime. Vídeo de creación en España (Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, 1987), La programación de televisión (with José Miguel Contreras, Síntesis, 2001), Historia de la televisión en España (Best Book Award, ex-aecquo,  Asociación Española de Historiadores de Cine, 2001). He was the editor of the volumes V, VI and XII of Historia General del Cine (Cátedra, 1995-1997) and Las cosas que hemos visto… 50 años y más de TVE (IORTVE, 2006). He has published academic articles in journals such as Revue Belge du Cinéma, Autrement, Hermès, Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television, Revista braseleira de semiótica, Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies o Memoria e Ricerca.

He was the first Vice-Dean of the Degree in Media (2002-2004), and the director of the department of Journalism and Media (2004-2008). He is currently a member of the Social Sciences co-ordination group of ANEP, as well as of the Evaluation committee os Social Sciences of AVAP (Agencia Valenciana d’Avaluació y Prospectiva).

He has worked as a television critic in the journals El Sol and La Voz de Galicia, and as a scriptwriter for the series El Arte del vídeo (TVE, 1990) and Historia de la televisión (Tele Expo, 1992), as well as the documentary Las lágrimas del presidente (TVE, 2009).