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University of Southern California

"How Content Gains Meaning and Value in the Era of Spreadable Media"

Lunes, 28 de mayo de 2012 a las 18:00

Aula Audiovisual, (Sótano-3.1.S08) Biblioteca Rey Pastor (Campus de Leganés)



For the past decade or more, industry leaders have told us that "content is king", but what constitutes content has shifted considerably over this period. Content is no longer produced simply by professionals and consumed by audiences. Rather, many current practices increase the role of "users" in generating content (or at least in shifting the value and meaning attached to content). This far-reaching talk, based on a forthcoming book, Spreadable Media: Creating Value and Meaning in a Networked Culture which Henry Jenkins has authored with Sam Ford and Joshua Green, offers snapshots of a culture-in-process, a media ecology which is still taking shape, where audiences are playing ever more active and visible roles in interpreting, creating, circulating, appraising, and remixing media content. Jenkins will suggest ways that dominant industry models --Web 2.0, Viral Media, and Influencers-- do not adequately describe the more dynamic role which publics play in shaping the content that they and others consume. Of all the changes in the new media environment over the past two decades, perhaps the biggest has been a shift in how media content circulates --away from top-down corporate controlled distribution and into a still-emerging hybrid system where everyday people play an increasingly central role in how media spreads. Cultural Studies has historically been centered around issues of production and reception and has had much less to say about circulation. What issues emerge when we put the process of grassroots (often unauthorized) circulation at the center of our focus? How does it change our accounts of the relationships between mass media and participatory culture? How might it shake up existing models of viral media and web 2.0?

CV: Henry Jenkins es actualmente Decano de la Annenberg School Of Communication, Journalism and Cinematic Arts en la University of Southern California ( Ha escrito y editado más de una docena de libros sobre medios y cultura popular, entre los que se encuentran Piratas de textos: fans, cultura participativa y televisión (Paidós, 2010) y Convergence Culture: la cultura de la convergencia en los medios de comunicación (Paidós, 2008). Anteriormente (1999/2009) dirigió en el MIT el programa de grado del MIT Comparative Media Studies. Durante este año 2012 publicará su nuevo libro, titulado Spreadable Media.

Libros de Henry Jenkins en Biblioteca UC3M. Ver aquí


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