Sociology of Climate Change and Sustainable Development

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Research Threads

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Climate change: social trends and emerging policies.

Sustainable development: social trends and emerging policies.

Cities adaptation to Climate Change.

Communication of knowledge about Climate Change: Science / Entreprises / Politics / Society.

Values and societal behaviour in relation to climate change

Processes of societal participation.

Human mobility in the context of disasters and the adverse effects of climate change.



Mercedes Pardo

Senior Researchers

Jesús Marcos Gamero Rus

Participation in International Research Groups


Research Projects

Recent Activities


c: Wikimedia Commons, 2009

Our research group offers the following services:

  • Collection, systemisation and categorisaton of data and documents.
  • Information assessment: descriptive, cognitive and comparative analysis.
  • Diagnoses of specific cases.
  • Proposals for the development of strategies, programmes, projects, actions, management of their implementation, evaluation and monitoring.
  • Indicators design and implementation.
  • Training for developing and managing social projects.
  • Conducting opinion polls, consumer satisfaction surveys, and analysis of social expectations.


In this section, you can find documents related to the interrelation of Climate Change and Society, written by the members of our research group.  You can find books, scientific articles, press articles, working papers, charts and publications of various projects.

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