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Microwave and Terahertz Photonics: technics and integration for generation and applications.

MITEPHO is an Initial Training Network (ITN) funded by the PEOPLE Programme of the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme. Grant Agreement Reference PITN-GA-2009-238393.

The main goal consists on trainining researchers in the pursue to develop photonic sources for CW signal generation from Microwave (μW) to Terahertz (THz) frequencies.

The main objective of the network is to establish a crossroad among the different technical domains that overlap on this topic, gathering experts in the domains of photonic sources and detectors from physics and engineering backgrounds. The network consists of 5 University partners, 2 Research Laboratories and 4 Industrial partners from across Europe.

This four years project started 01/01/2010 and ended 31/12/2013