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Última actualización: 07/09/2009

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Buckling simulation

Numerical simulation of the buckling of a stiffened carbon-epoxi laminate panel

Low velocity impact simulation

Numerical simulation of a low velocity impact on a composite sandwich beam

The Mechanics of Advanced Materials research group works in a wide range of research areas from the experimental as well as the numerical and analytical perspectives. Its main research interest are the following: 

  • Analysis and modelling of laminate and sandwich structures subjected to high and low velocity impact.
  • Analysis and modelling of crashworthiness of composite structures.
  • Damage tolerance analysis of composite structural elements subjected to different load conditions.
  • Innovation and development of non-conventional testing methodologies for structural elements subjected to impact loads, with special emphasis on damage tolerance evaluation.
  • Experimental analysis and numerical modelling of the mechanical behaviour of composite structures under dynamic conditions.