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The equipment available to the research group is part of the Department of Continuum Mechanics and Structural Analysis of University Carlos III of Madrid, to which the research group's members have contributed.



Numerical Capabilities

It includes:

  • Finite Element Codes installed: Abaqus/Standard, Abaqus/Explicit, Ls-Dyna, Autodyn 2D, Cosmos
  • Linux Operating System:
    • 2 work stations with 16 x 86-64 core and 16 GB RAM memory 
    • 1 work station with 2 Itanium cores and 4 GB RAM memory
    • 2 work stations with 4 x 86-64 cores and 4 GB RAM memory
    • 2 work stations with 4 x 86-32 cores and 4 GB RAM memory


 Their mission is to provide adequate IT support for the group's teaching and research activities.

Test Capabilities

The experimental equipment is part of the Laboratorio de Caracterización Mecánica (LabMec, Laboratory of Mechanical Characterisation), which belongs to the Red de Laboratorios de la Comunidad de Madrid (Madrid Region Network of Laboratories). The group members have made a significant contribution to its development.