Ángel Fernández Nogales

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Curriculum Vitae

Ángel Fernández Nogales is a full Professor in the area of Marketing and Market Research of the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid. He holds a PhD in Economic Sciences and Business Administration from the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid.

Teaching and Research

Ángel has been teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid since the academic year of 1981-82. He is specialized in the subjects of Market Research, Qualitative Research in Marketing, and Research Applied to Marketing.

His academic research is focused on Distributor Brands, Distribution Channels, Merchandising, Emigration, Acculturation, and Implementation and Methodological Design of Qualitative Techniques of Market Research. 

Ángel Fernández Nogales

Academic Contributions

Ángel was the Vice-dean of Academic Planning in the School of Economic Sciences of the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid for three years: from 2001 to 2003. He was also in charge of the Department of Finance and Market Research of the UAM, where he held the position of chair from 2005 to 2008.

Recent publications

School of Economic Sciences and Business Administration, UAM
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