Borbála Kulcsár

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Borbala Kulcsar
Curriculum Vitæ

In 2006, Borbala Kulcsar, from Hungary, obtained her Bachelor Degree in Economics from the International Business School of Budapest.

After graduating, she worked as a credit analyst for the OTP Bank, and Morgan Stanley, both in Budapest, and for Grupo Compass-Eurest Colectividades in Madrid.

She is currently finishing the Master Program in Business Administration and Quantitative Methods at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and will continue in the Doctorate Program from next year on.


Teaching and Research

Borbala's primary field of interest is Innovation and Strategic Management.

At present, she is an assistant lecturer in the field of Management at the Department of Business Administration of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

She has previously taught classes in Organizational Design and Marketing Research. 

Contact  Borbála Kulcsár
Phone (34) 91 6249610
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C/ Madrid 126
28903 Getafe (Madrid)

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