Natalia Rubio

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Curriculum Vitæ

Since 2004, Natalia Rubio Benito holds a PhD in Marketing and Market Research from the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid, where she also got her degree in Business Adminstration in 1999.

In 2002 she got a teaching position in the Department of Finance and Commercial Research of the School of Economy and Business Research of the UAM. Currently, she performs her teaching and researching duties as an associate professor.

Natalia Rubio
Teaching & Research

At present, Natalia is teaching undergraduate courses in two different official programs: “Costumer Behavior” in the Business Administration Program (ADE), “Business Administration: Marketing” in the Program of Research and Market Techniques.

In addition, she teaches graduate subjects: “Marketing Plan” in the MBA program of the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid, and “Production of Research Projects in Marketing: Methodology and Tools” in the PhD program “Research and Marketing Techniques” of UAM.

Besides that, she is a teacher in other academic institutions. For instance, she teaches “Sales Management” in the program of “Technical Management in Commerce and Marketing” of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the e-learning courses of “Market Research and Strategic Marketing” by the Engineering and Organization Group (GIO) of the Technical College of Madrid.

Natalia’s research topics embody brand management, distribution and prices. Nowadays, her research work is more focused in brand capital and innovation in the area of brand distribution companies.

Recent Publications
Contact  Prof. Natalia Mª Rubio Benito
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C/ Tomás y Valiente, 5
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Department of Marketing, UAM
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