Innovation and information systems

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Our fourth research topic has to do with the adoption of new flexible information systems which contribute to entrepreneu-
rial innovative activities and, hence, entrepreneurship.

Highly competitive environments and increasing organizational complexity make it necessary to integrate organizational design and information systems. Considering the fact that Systems for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP Systems) are the latest innovation in managerial info arrangement, their implementation becomes crucial for organizational assimilation, since they provide managerial information from all the different areas of an enterprise.

In comparison to other managerial info systems, the main advantage of the ERP Systems lies in the accessibility and the integration, within the organization, of all the information processes. Besides that, these kinds of systems make the integration of other entrepreneurial aspects such as organizational processes and components much easier. 

As a result, this research topic of INNOGROUP analyzes the interconnection between both issues, innovation and information, going more deeply into the impact of innovation in the managerial information systems about the new organizational design. So it embodies the impact on entrepreneurial results of voluntary disclosure of internal information (Núnez, Gutiérrez and Carmona, 2006). 

- Núñez, M., Gutiérrez, I., and Carmona, S. “Governmental Context Determines Institutional Value: Independently Certified Performance and Failure in the Spanish Newspaper Industry”. Organization Studies 27 (10): 1513-1531 (October 2006).
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