II World Summit on the Knowledge Society

WSKS 2009

María Josefa Álvarez, Borbála Kulcsár, and Dilan Aksoy, members of ENVINNOVA, presented their results at the II World Summit on the Knowledge Society, which took place in the island of Crete, Greece.

Their conference analyzed how the trends in the automotive industry changed radically from the beginning of the 80s. Increasing competition, new systems and developments compelled the companies to re-evaluate and re-design their investments and processes, by extending their networks to other parts of the world in order to gain more market. This trend could be observed first in the Western-European countries and later in Eastern-Europe.  With entering new areas the companies had to face with several difficulties coming inter alia from the decisions of supplier network and information system implementation.  In their study, Aksoy, Álvarez and Kulcsar analyze the strategic decisions of major carmaker companies entering the Eastern-European market, placing  special attention to supplier decisions and ERP system decisions of the firms. Their research includes three case studies of the Hungarian automotive sector.

This article will be published in the WSKS 2009 Official Proceedings, including three Springer Volumes: LNAI, CCIS, and Post Conference Proceedings.


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