Businesses creation and E.O. in highly competitive / innovative environments


Última actualización: 27/09/2013

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The first research thread of INNOGROUP is based on the creation of innovative companies in pioneering business sectors. 

Within this environment, companies are very proactive, displaying aggressive strategies of competition, a minor risk aversion, and flexible managerial policies, both in the human resources area and in the design of information systems, management of operations, etc.

The goal of this research thread is to isolate the impact of each of these effects. Also, we intend to go more deeply in the study of companies which have different degrees of EO and idiosyncratic moderating factors, belonging to different business sectors. INNOGROUP searches the features involved in the creation of innovative firms within environments that are mainly distinguished by continuous innovation and high volatility (Covin & Slevin, 1989). On top of that, we analyze the survival probabilities of these enterprises according to the evolution of their economic results. As a matter of fact, these businesses perform aggressive strategies of competition, have a minor risk aversion, adopt flexible policies in the area of Human Resources, and show proactivity in the assumption and implementation of new practices and processes (Arora & Fosfuri, 2000, 2003).

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