Experimental Mechanics, Calculation and Transports (MECATRAN)

Última actualización: 23/02/2021

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In 2005 a group of professors and researchers from the Mechanical Engineering Department of Carlos III University of Madrid decided to create a research group "Experimental Mechanics, Calculation and Transports (MECATRAN)" to unify their knowledge developed along the past years and achieve the excellence aims established by the scientific community.

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Contact details

Research group MECATRAN
Carlos III University of Madrid
Avda. de la Universidad, 30
28911 - Leganés (Madrid) Spain

Líneas de Investigación

Nowadays, the group is currently working at:

  • Advanced simulation techniques in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Measurement techniques and advanced experimental tests.
  • Biomechanics.
  • Railway and road vehicles.
  • Intelligent vehicles. 
  • Transportation.
  • Traffic Engineering.
  • Accident Reconstruction.
  • Environmental studies, recycling and waste management.
  • Graphical engineering and Virtual Reality.
  • Acoustic and vibration.
  • Applications of the Artificial Intelligence in mechanics: neuronal network, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, etc.


The researches Beatriz López Boada and Maria Jesús López Boada, heads of the research group MECATRAN, are among the world’s most cited in 2019 in their respective fields, according to the Ranking of World Scientists carried out by the University of Standford [+ info].

 Title of the project: CITIES Timanfaya. Financed by: Fondo de Desarrollo de Canarias (FDCAN). Main researchers of UC3M: José Luis San Román and José María Armingol. Partners: Universidad Carlos III, Asociación Española de la Carretera, 2RK Consultores en transporte inteligente, Mapfre España, Grupo Mecánica del vuelo de sistemas, Vázquez y Torres ingeniería, GMR Homologaciones, Albufera Energy Storage, and Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial


The MECATRAN research group collaborates with public and private entities.

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