International Conference on Hybrid Intelligent Systems (HIS) 2008

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Special Session on Hybrid Metaheuristics and their Applications

In recent years the field of metaheuristics has attracted an increased interest from the research community, that has resulted in the development of new algorithms and applications in new domains. Current research has shown that the combination of different metaheuristic techniques, called hybrid metaheuristics, can improve the performance of the algorithms, specially when dealing with real-world applications. There are many application domains where the use of hybrid metaheuristics has shown to be an efficient alternative to standard methods. Real-world domains like bioinformatics, robot path planning, data mining, telecommunications, engineering, business, logistics, etc. have provided several instances of successful applications of hybrid metaheuristics.

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PC Members

  • Thomas Bartz-Beielstein,      University of Dortmund (Germany)
  • Mauro Birattari ,    Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium)
  • Francisco Chicano,     Universidad de Málaga (Spain)
  • Luca Di Gaspero,    Università degli Studi di Udine (Italy)
  • Andrea Lodi,     Università  di Bologna (Italy)
  • Vittorio Maniezzo,     Università  degli Studi di Bologna (Italy)
  • Daniel Merkle,     University of Leipzig (Germany)
  • Martin Middendorf,     University of Leipzig (Germany)
  • David Pelta,     Universidad de Granada (Spain)
  • Steven Prestwich,    4C Cork(Ireland)
  • Andrea Schaerf,     Università degli Studi di Udine (Italy)
  • Edmund Burke,     University of Nottingham (UK)
  • Karl F. Doerner,     University of Wien (Austria)
  • Andreas Fink,     Helmut-Schmidt-University (Germany)
  • Pascal Van Hentenryck,     Brown University (Providence, USA)
  • Arne Løkketangen,     Molde College (Norway)
  • Cesar Rego,     University of Mississippi (USA)
  • Mauricio G. C. Resende,     AT&T Labs Research (USA)
  • Andrea Roli,     University of Bologna (Italy)
  • Louis-Martin Rousseau,     Polytechnique Montreal (Canada)
  • Marc Sevaux,     Université of South-Brittany (France)