Special Issues

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Engineering Optimization: Special issue on Multiobjective Metaheuristics for Multidisciplinary Engineering Applications

IEEE TEC07 Special Issue

Multiobjective optimization arises in many real-world engineering applications, in which several optimization criteria conflict with each other. Since no single solution can optimize all the objectives simultaneously, metaheuristics are designed to find a set of solutions that help engineers to choose the optimal trade-off according to their needs. Besides, solving real-world problems faces metaheuristic algorithms to additional challenging tasks, such as high computational requirements, hardly constrained, high dimensionality, etc. These challenges have to be addressed properly in order to provide this kind of problems with high quality solutions. Multiobjective optimization has therefore attracted growing attention and become one of the hottest research topics in the area of the metaheuristics.

IEEE TEC 07: Special Issue on Evolutionary Computation for Finance and Economics

IEEE TEC07 Special Issue

The aim of this special issue is to provide a common forum to select and publish the most important research results in the area of advanced EC techniques applied to Finance and Economics.

AICom: Special Track on Soft Computing in Finance and Economics

The use of soft computing in finance and economics has become increasingly important. These methods have been proven to be a powerful tool in domains were analytic solutions are not a good alternative. Real-world problems involve complexity, noisy environments, uncertainty and vagueness, hence the popularity of this approach among both researchers and practitioners. So far it has been successfully used in financial engineering, risk management, portfolio optimization, industrial organization, auctions, searching equilibriums, studying the emergence of the representative agent and rational expectations, designing public policy, financial forecasting, market simulation or agent-based computational economics, among many other areas.

Applied Intelligence 07: Special Issue on Soft Computing Techniques Applied to Finance

Applied Intelligence 07 Special Issue

Soft Computing is a framework that provides complementary reasoning and searching methodologies. By combining domain knowledge with empirical data...

IEEE Systems Journal: Special Issue on Complex Systems in Finance and Economics

IEEE Systems Journal Special Issue

Finance and economics are complex domains, in which multiple components – such as investors, trading venues, or intermediary firms – frequently interact to generate aggregate outcomes that may be desirable or undesirable, intended or unintended. The behavior of the underlying elements is often adaptive and the aggregate dynamics can be highly non-linear. The resulting complexity can therefore be difficult to measure, model and control. The recent financial crisis revealed how interconnections between institutions can provide feedback loops and propagation channels across the financial system, nationally and globally, spilling into the real economy. There is a great need for advances in the ways in which financial and economic systems are modeled, simulated, designed, controlled and regulated. The  techniques and hybrid approaches emerging from the ongoing efforts of the systems community can help address the challenge.