SEACW : Social Ecosystem for Antiaging, Capacitation and Well-being


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EU - CIP - ICT - Pilot B 2013-2015 - Project funded by EU


The primary objective of this project is to contribute to the Active and Healthy Ageing and ICT- Aging strategies.

  1. Creating an ecosystem, user friendly, attractive and adapted, that can become a meeting point for all those interested in active and healthy aging and elderly inclusion, mainly through ICT, in Europe.
  2. Training and making people aware of importance of ICT and Aging, and active and healthy aging.
  3. Looking for intergenerational relationships and social networking. The ecosystem will promote not only training in the use of social media, as a part of the digital literacy training, but also it will foster networking, through specialised groups and forums in social networks; also, live activities will be promoted and best practices and success stories will be published and awarded.
  4. Design and Create Pilot Implementation phase, which will be conducted with the participation of all partners in at least six countries, which will host the pilot implementation in the three target groups, to prove the materials and calculate the ROI.
  5. Contribute to develop an area of business in the field of ICT and active and healthy aging, especially for SME. The project seeks to find the existing solutions and best practices, profit from them and then develop and provide original contributions; at last it will evaluate the impact of the effort of partners of the project and collaborators and also and especially the impact for users and society.
  6. Contribute to the European Digital Agenda, drawing from the efforts of both the development and implementation of the project.