Research Lines

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EVANNAI has performed an extensive research and development work. Several open problems and different aspects of the Evolutionary Computation and Machine Learning fields have been studied.

Research lines include: improvement of deductive and inductive learning system by means of genetic programming; obtaining a system of rules from the output produced by a genetic classifier; how to deal with problems of time series prediction and optimization for real applications; how to improve the performance and generalization of machine learning techniques; developing methods in the context of interactive evolutionary computation; the use of evolutionary computation techniques in cryptographic systems, and how to predict the initial public offering price in the stock market. 


Special Issues & Sessions

We are involved in the organisation of special sessions in international conferences, seminars and courses. We are also in charge of Special Issues in computer science journals. Here we provide information on how to submit to Open calls and the list of ongoing events.

More details:

Special Issues

Special Issues in scientific journals, that are coordinated by members of the group

Special Sessions

Special Sessions or workshops organized by members of the group in scientific conferences.

Open Calls (1)

Special Issues and Sessions currently open for submission

Open Calls

Software Solutions

Some of our projects have resulted in innovative products and tools that we offer and adapt to the needs of companies interested in our products.

  • System for efficient control of oelectrical and chemical plants
  • Tool for consumer market segmentation
  • AI software for optimisation, prediction, and data analysis, orientated towards companies in the informatics sector, interested in integrating these techniques and solutions in their products


Techniques and Tools

For our purpose we commit to the develpment and improvement of state of the art evolutionary and population-based algorithms, such as:

  • Genetic Algorithms (GA)
  • Genetic Programming (GP)
  • Evolution Strategies (ES)
  • Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)
  • Ant Colony Systems (ACO, ACS)
  • Radial Basis Neural Networks (RBFNN)
  • Artificial Neural Netowks (ANN)

Research Networks

EVANNAI has joined the Computational Finance and Economics Technical Committee (CFETC) of the Computational Intelligence Society (CIS) of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc. (IEEE). This society is also supported by a background excellence network from IEEE.