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Guillermo Carpintero del Barrio


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Guillermo Carpintero

Curriculum abreviado

Guillermo Carpintero received his Bachelor degree in 1993 from the UPM Telecom Engineering school, and his Doctorate from the UC3M in 1999. Since 2003 is Associate Professor at the UC3M. He has participated in different national and EU funded research projects on semiconductor laser devices.
His main interest has been in analyzing these devices from the nonlinear dynamics perspective, and searching for appropriate models for complex structures such as laterally coupled laser diodes. Actually, his work aims towards the low noise mode locked lasers, addressing device structure and gain material issues.

Datos de contacto


  • Correo electrónico: guiller(at)
  • Teléfono: +34 916249427
  • Fax: +34 916249430
  • Dirección postal: Av. Universidad 30, 28911-Leganés, Madrid
  • Despacho: 1.2F T07

Publicaciones más recientes

  • G. Carpintero, E. Rouvalis, K. Lawniczuk, M. Fice, C.C. Renaud, X.J.M. Leijtens, E.A.J.M. Bente, M. Chitoui, F. Van Dijk, A.J. Seeds ‘95 GHz millimeter wave signal generation using an arrayed waveguide grating dual wavelength semiconductor laser’ Optics Letters, Vol. 37 Issue 17, pp.3657-3659 (2012)
  • G. Carpintero, K. Balakier, Z. Yang, R.C. Guzmán, A. Corradi, A. Jimenez, G. Kervella, M.J. Fice, M. Lamponi, M. Chitoui, F. van Dijk, C. C. Renaud, A. Wonfor, E.A.J.M. Bente, R.V. Penty, I.H. White and A. J. Seeds "Microwave Photonic Integrated Circuits for Millimeter-Wave Wireless Communications" Journal of Lightwave Technology, 32(20), pp.3495-3501, (Oct.15, 2014)
  • K. Balakier, M.J. Fice, F. van Dijk, G. Kervella, G. Carpintero, A. J. Seeds and C. C. Renaud "Optical injection locking of monolithically integrated photonic source for generation of high purity signals above 100 GHz" Optics Express 22(24), pp. 29404-29412 (2014)
  • Carlos Gordón, Robinson Guzmán, Vinicio Corral, Xaveer Leijtens, and Guillermo Carpintero, " On-Chip Colliding Pulse Mode-locked laser diode (OCCP-MLLD) using multimode interference reflectors " Opt. Express 23, pp. 14666-14676 (2015)
  • Hisatake, S.; Carpintero, G.; Yoshimizu, Y.; Minamikata, Y.; Oogimoto, K.; Yasuda, Y.; van Dijk, F.; Tekin, T.; Nagatsuma, T. " W-band Coherent Wireless Link Using Injection Locked Laser Diodes" IEEE Photonics Technology Letters (2015)


Asignaturas impartidas en el curso

  • Microprocesadores (Ing. Telecomunicación) 
  • Electronica II (Ing. Industrial)

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