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Toledo Tour


Toledo Highlights
A guided excursion to Toledo is scheduled for Friday 10th May in the afternoon-evening. The city of Toledo is the capital of the province of the same name, and is also the capital of the Autonomous Community called Castilla-La Mancha. The historic city centre sits on a craggy rock, which is almost completely encircled by a wide meander of the Tajo river. In December 1987, the UNESCO declared Toledo a World Heritage city in recognition of its uniqueness. This is due as much as anything to its special history, since in the past the city was host to Christian, Islamic and Hebrew culture and the architecture of the city relects this - being almost impossible to walk its streets without coming across an ancient mosque, a Gothic or Mudejar church, a Romanesque or Visigothic structure, a synagogue, or a Renaissance palace.


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The excursion includes:


► Bus service to transport all participants from Leganés to Toledo and the way back to Leganés after dinner in Toledo.
► A guided city walks through the best sights of the city and the monuments along the way. The excursion includes the services of a professional tourist guide. Noted that Toledo is the perfect city to tour on foot. All of its monuments, museums and places of interest are close to one another, and long distances are not a problem.
► Dinner will take place in a restaurant where you can taste typical dishes from Castilla - La Mancha.
TOTAL PRICE: 20€/person (This price is NOT included in the Workshop fee. This extra option can be selected in the workshop registration platform)