Intelligent Systems LabUniversidad Carlos III de Madrid


    Welcome to the website of Intelligent Systems Lab (LSI) from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, located at its Polytechnic School (Escuela Politecnica Superior) in Leganés, Madrid, Spain.

    Intelligent Systems Lab (LSI, which is abbreviated from its Spanish translation: Laboratorio de Sistemas Inteligentes) research group was founded in 2000 to conduct multidisciplinary research and development activities in the area of advanced perception applications and autonomous systems. The group consists of professors and postgraduate/undergraduate students.

    LSI members have been researching on topics related to intelligent vehicles for more than 20 years. During which several systems have been developed in the field of perception technologies and intelligent systems. Research topics include computer vision systems, intelligent transport systems, autonomous systems, data fusion and more.

    Currently the laboratory has different research platforms, which includes two autonomous electric vehicles, an intelligent car under ADAS and several drones. The research group is funded by and included in several public and private projects. They focus on providing step forward technologies in the different sectors, where the members of the group are always involved with a practical vision, testing novel algorithms on their research platforms in real life scenarios and conditions.