Laboratory of energy storage systems

Última actualización: 10/11/2014

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The Laboratory for Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems (LEESS) began its activities during 2006, with the research and development of modelling, simulation, design and engineering of systems which include electrochemical systems for energy storage. Its activities are focused on the dynamic modelling of different batteries and supercapacitors, as well as fuel cells, for both vehicle and stationary applications.

Líneas de Investigación

  1. Modelling and simulation of electrochemical systems for energy storage.
  2. Energy storage in electric vehicles.
  3. Integration of storage systems for distributed generation.

Contact group leader:

Dr. Javier Sanz Feito


Tlf: +34 91 624 9477 / Fax: +34 91 624 9430

C/Butarque 15, 28911 Leganes (Madrid), Spain


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