Moreno López de Saá, Mª Ángeles

Abbreviated CV

Mª Ángeles Moreno received her B.S. degree in Electronics Engineering from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, in 1994, and her Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, in 2001.

She is currently an associate professor in the Departament of Electrical Engineering in the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, where she works since 1995. Since june 2008, she is Vice-Chancellor Adjunct of Quality, Infrastructures and Environment.
Her research interests are centered on the integration of wind energy systems in electrical grid and markets and the operation of power systems.


Recent publications


  • Optimal Bidding of Wind Energy in Intraday Markets, 6th International Conference on the European Energy Market (EEM09). Lovaina, Bélgica. May 2009.
  • A Proposal for Compensation between TSOs for Cross Border Trades, X Conferencia Luso Espanhola de Engenheria Electroctecnica. Funchal, Portugal. July 2007.
  • A novel fault location method for distribution networks with tapped loads, 12th International Conference on Harmonics and Quality of Power (ICHQP-2006). Cascais, Portugal. October 2006.
  • Digital Algorithms for Fault Distance Estimation, 2006 Power Systems Protection Conference (PSP). Bled, Eslovenia. September 2006.
  • Efecto de los armónicos en los relés de protección digitales: un estudio práctico, Energía, Vol. 191,  Pags: 70-75. May 2006.
  • A New Balanced Harmonic Load Flow Including Non-Linear Loads Modelled with RBF Networks, IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, Vol. 19, Pags. 686-693. April 2004.
  • Three-phase Harmonic Load Flow in Frequency and Time Domains,  IEE Proceedings – Electric Power Applications, Vol. 150, Pags. 295-300. May 2003.




E-mail and phone

Mailing Address:
Av. de la Universidad, 30
28911 Leganés (Madrid), Spain
Fax: +34 916 249 430