Departmental Research according to Area of Interest


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Research in the department is divided into three main areas: statistics and probability, econometrics and operational research. By clicking the links, you can see the specific research themes and the people working in them within these areas.


Statistics & Probability

Area of Interest Name
Actuarial Statistics Albarrán
Bayesian inference Ausín, Cabras, Galeano, Lillo, Marín, Peña, Wiper
Bioinformatics and biostatistics Arribas, Cabras, Marín
Bootstrap and resampling Alonso, I. Molina, Ruiz, Romo
Categorical data analysis Martín
Change point analysis Galeano, Martín
Directional data Ausín, Wiper
Empirical likelihood Martín
Filtering problems Bretó, Kaiser
Financial risk Ausín, Cascos, Nogales
Functional data analysis Arribas, Cascos, Galeano, Grané, Jiménez, Lillo, Romo
Goodness of fit Grané, Martín, Velilla
Image analysis Delgado
Long memory Ruiz
Markov and hidden Markov models Arribas, Bretó, Niño, Romera, Wiper
Multivariate analysis Cascos, Grané, Muñoz, Peña, Romera, Velilla
Nonparametric and semiparametric methods Alonso, Ausín, Durbán, Molanes, Srtzalkovska, Wiper
Quality control and improvement Peña, Villagarcia
Queueing systems Ausín, D’Auria, Lillo, Niño, Wiper
Regression and linear models Martín, I. Molina, Velilla
Reliability and survival analysis Lillo, Martín, Molanes, Srtzalkovska, Wiper
Robust methods and diagnostics Galeano, Kaiser, Martín, Peña, Prieto
Small area estimation Martín, I. Molina
Smoothing techniques Durbán
Statistical modelling Durbán
Stochastic geometry Cascos, Jiménez
Stochastic orders Cascos, Lillo
Support vector machines and neural nets Muñoz, Wiper
Time series Alonso, Ausín, Bretó, Espasa, Galeano, Kaiser, Marín, Peña, Romo, Ruiz, Sánchez, Veiga, Velilla


Area of Interest Name
Empirical finance Veiga
Financial econometrics Ausín, Bretó, Galeano, Ruiz, Veiga
Long memory Ruiz, Veiga
Macroeconometrics Espasa, Tena
Panel data I. Molina, Tena, Veiga
Sports economics Tena
Stochastic volatility Bretó, Ruiz, Veiga

Operational Research

Area of Interest Name
Applications to electricity & telecom. markets D’Auria, Nogales, Prieto, Ruiz-Mora
Bandits, control and decision problems Niño, Romera, Sánchez
Game theory Jiménez, E. Molina, Ruiz-Mora
Optimization D’Auria, E. Molina, Niño, Nogales, Prieto, Romera, Ruiz-Mora
Polyhedric methods Niño
Routing and scheduling problems Niño