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Rosario Romera Ayllón


Última actualización: 29/01/2018

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Rosario Romera has a Ph.D. degree in Mathematics from Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Has been an Associate Professor of Statistics at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Actually, she is a Full Professor at the Department of Statistics, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. She has been Vicedean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Director of the Ph. D. Program in Mathematical Engineering at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. She is currently the Secretary-General of the Social Council, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.


Research lines:


Markovian Models: estimation and control. Stochastic optimization. Multivatiate models for high dimensional data. Applications to Engineering and Social Sciences.


foto rosario romera

Phone: +34 91 6249864
Fax: +34 91 6249849
Office: 10.1.10

Recent Publications

  • On visualizing mixed-type data: A joint metric approach to profile construction and outlier detection (con A. Grané), Sociological Methods and Research (2016), DOI: 10.1177/0049124115621334.
  • Controlled diffusion processes with Markovian switchings for modeling dynamical engineering systems (con H. Cañada), European Journal of Operational Research (2012), 221 (3), 614-624.
  • Ruin probabilities in a finite-horizon risk model with investment and reinsurance (con W. Runggaldier), Journal of Applied Probability (2012), (4), 954-966.