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Rosa Elvira Lillo Rodríguez


Última actualización: 25/03/2015

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Born in Mérida, 1969. Obtained her B.A. with Honors and her Ph.D. in Mathematics from Universidad Complutense (Madrid) in 1992 and 1996, respectively. Se has been Associate Professor in Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, where she is Professor of Statistics and Operations Research since 2010. Currently she is Vice-Dean for the Degree in Statistics and Business.

Fields of Interest

Stochastic Ordering and Reliability, Bayesian Inference, Functional Data, MAP processes and their applications.


  • Techniques of Statistical Inference I, (Degree in Statistics and Business)
  • Mathematical Statistics (Master in Business Administration and Quantitative Methods and Master in Mathematical Engineering).






Phone: +34 91 6249857
Fax: +34 91 6249849
Office: 10.1.25

Recent Publications

“Allocation policies of redundancies in two-parallel-series and two-series-parallel systems”. Transactions on Reliability, (2014) 63 (1), 223-229. (with Laniado, H).

“The Mahalanobis distance for functional data with applications to classification”. Technometrics, (with Galeano, P. y Joseph, E). In press.

“Failure modeling of an electrical N-component framework by the non-stationary Markovian arrival process.”. Reliability Engineering & System Safety (2015), 134, 126-133. (with Rodríguez, J y Ramírez-Cobo, P).