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STATS & Google
Social Trends At Today with Statistics & Google

Talk by Laura Ludeña (Google Spain), 29 Nov 2013 / 13:30h, Salón de Grados (Auditorio Padre Soler)
of our Leganés campus

Title: "La Estadística para el conocimiento social y el marketing: usos y retos actuales".

Awarded students: Sofía Herrero Villarroya and Aurora Montoya Guillén (Bachelor in Informatics Engineering.

Report: Evolution of the interest in smoking cessation in the wake of the smoking bans.


Come to the talk and submit
your report to win: 

Internet data traffic is a fairly accurate reflection of the world in which we live. The most visited pages are the ones that deal with the issues that most concern us today. From the number of searches on Google, we deduce that the football player who currently arouses most interest is Cristiano Ronaldo, the show business personality is Miley Cyrus, the TV series is Breaking Bad and the basketball team is Miami Heat.


Aurora Montoya, Alfonso Calatrava (Google), and Sofía Herrero with the Tablets




* Students enrolled in a Degree of the University Carlos III of Madrid during the course 2013/2014 can participate in this challenge.
* The reports will be done by couples of students and must contain a short introduction to the objectives of the work, description of the data and the software used for the statistical analysis, as well as the used techniques and the conclusions.
* The report must be presented in a PDF file with a maximum length of 15 pages.

Data sources:

It is mandatory to use as data the number of searches on Google

For real world data can go to the website of the Spanish Statistical Bureau, INE

or go to other sources that you can find, such as:

* the evolution of the risk premium

* the evolution of mortality for different types of diseases or the number of cases of the same


The challenge:

Make a report in which you simultaneously use real data and Google search data to compare the evolution of some phenomenon in the real world with the amount of interest it arouses in the Interest in by using Statistics. 

For instance, you can make a report using data on the evolution of the risk premium and the number of searches on the risk premium; the evolution in the number of flu cases in a certain period and the number of searches on Google about influenza; the evolution of unemployment in Spain and the number of searches on the unemployment benefit; ...

The best report will win a prize consisting of two Nexus 10 Tablets.


We will evaluate:
* The originality of the work in its approach and the data used
* The correct application of statistical techniques
* The adequacy and relevance of the conclusions
* The presentation of reports

The submission of reports written in English will be positively considered.

How to participate:

To participate in the challenge is mandatory to attend the talk by Laura Ludeña. At the end of the talk you must fill in a Registration form.


Submissions of reports:

The reports (pdf file) will be sent by email to the address "" not later thant 31 Dec 2013.

You can make any query to that email address.