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Juan J.Fernández

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 Associate Professor

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Associate Professor of Sociology, Department of Social Sciences. University Carlos III Madrid. Academic Secretary to the Department. Ph.D. Sociology, University of California, Berkeley 2009



Roberto Garvia

Research Interests

My main area of research is political sociology. The majority of my work has concerned the formation of public policy attitudes, the causes of policy reform, the consequences of globalization, and the extent of Europeanization. Following the principle that most aspects of social and political life result from multifactorial causes, I have addressed these questions using an interdisciplinary and theoretically unrestricted approach. My work has thus mobilized principles of the new institutional theory, new cultural sociology, contemporary social stratification and rational action theory. My published (and forthcoming) work, as author or co-author, can be found in the American Journal of Sociology, Social Forces, Social Problems, European Sociological Review, International Sociology, International Journal of Comparative Sociology and Journal of European Social Policy et al.

Currently I am coauthoring a project regarding demographic literacy and social policy preferences. Using experimental techniques, this study examines whether providing demographic information to citizens changes their social policy preferences and major personal decisions. In another funded project, my coauthors and I will contribute to the literature on class voting by examining the mechanisms by which social class location affects voting choices.

Recent Publications

Fernández, Juan J. Forthcoming. “Women’s Civil Rights and the Worldwide Liberalization of Abortion on Demand and for Socio-economic Reasons”, The Sociological Quarterly, link.

Fernández, Juan J. and Monika Eigmüller. 2018. "Societal Education and the Education Divide in European Identity, 1992-2015." European Sociological Review, 34, 612-628, link.

Mora, Cristina, Juan J. Fernández, and Margarita Torre. 2018. "Different Contexts and Trends: Latina Immigrant Fertility in the US and Spain." International Migration, 56, 56-73, link.

Fernández, Juan and Antonio Jaime-Castillo. 2018. "The Institutional Foundation of Social Class Differences in Pro-redistribution Attitudes: A Cross-National Analysis, 1985-2010." Social Forces, 96, 1009–1038, link

Jaime-Castillo, Antonio, Juan J. Fernández, Celia Valiente, and Damon Mayrl. 2016. "Collective Religiosity and the Gender Gap in Attitudes towards Economic Redistribution in 86 Countries, 1990-2008." Social Science Research, 57, 17-30, link.

Fernández, Juan, Monika Eigmüller and Stefanie Börner. 2016. "Domestic Transnationalism and the Formation of Pro-European Sentiments." European Union Politics, 17, 457–481, link.

Riley, Dylan and Juan J. Fernández. 2014. “Beyond Strong and Weak: Re-Thinking Post-Authoritarian Civil Societies”, American Journal of Sociology, 120, 2,