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CALMA Seminar

Última actualización: 20/11/2017

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The CALMA Project seeks to advance our understanding of international migrants’ incorporatio processes in receiving societies. The CALMA seminar presents frontline research on discrimination, integration and labour market attainment processes to an interdisciplinary audience of social scientists.

The CALMA Seminar will take place on Wednesdays at 12.30hs at the Getafe Campus of Carlos III University, C/ Madrid, 135 Edifo 18. 28.903 - Getafe (Madrid).

All sessions will be held in Building 18, room 18.0.A06 (unless otherwise indicated)


Thursday, November  23rd 2017:

Employment status, political ideology and distributive preferences

Luis Miller (UPV/EHU) Social Sciences Dept., Room 18.1.A.06. Getafe Campus, 12:30 h.


Using a political-frame-free, lab-in-the-field experiment, we investigate the associations between employment status, self-reported political ideology, and preferences for redistribution. The experiment consists of a real-effort task, followed by a four-player dictator game. In one treatment, dictator game initial endowments depend on participants’ performance in the real-effort task, i.e., they are earned, in the other, they are randomly determined. We find that being employed or unemployed is associated with revealed redistributive preferences, while the political ideology of the employed and unemployed is not. In contrast, the revealed redistributive preferences of students are strongly associated with their political ideologies. The employed and right-leaning students redistribute earnings less than windfalls, the unemployed and left-leaning students make no such distinction.